White Elven Gown

This dress is inspired by Arwen’s gown, in which we see her for the first time in the Fellowship Of The Ring. It is two parts – a lined undergown with bell sleeves and a split-in-front-overdress with long open sleeves. The neckline ist decorated with a silver trim and beaded with precious stones.
The dress is competed with a circlet and earrings of precious stones.

In the pictures I am in the 5th month of pregnancy with our second daughter :).

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I wear this costume occasionaly in normal life too. It consists of a linen semicircular skirt and a flannel tunnic. The tunnic is embroidered with horse heads (my own design) and a pattern from a rohan cloak from the LOTR movie. The embroidery is trimmed with woven bands in wool and linen. The dress is completed with a woolen woven belt and a linen shoulder bag. I used the cloak from my ranger costume.

Later I have made costumes also for my family to go together on various events. The man’s dress consists of an undertunic, trousers and overtunic from linen and a woolen surcoat. The tunics are embroidered with horse patterns, the surcoat is decorated with tablet-vowen trim. The dauhgter’s dress is of flannel.

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